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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Sugar Plum Tree

The Sugar Plum Tree

Eugene Field

Have you ever heard of the Sugar Plum Tree?
'Tis a marvel of great renown!
It blooms on the banks of the banks of the
Lollipop Sea
in the garden of Shut Eye Town;
The fruit that it bears is so wonderously sweet
(as those who have tasted it say)
That good little children have only to eat
of that fruit to be happy next day.

When you've got to the tree
you would have a hard time to
capture the fruit which I sing;
The tree is so tall that no person could
To the boughs where the Sugar Plums swing!

But up in that tree sits a Chocolate Cat
and a Gingerbread dog prowls below,
and this is the way you contrive to get at
those Sugar Plums tempting you so!

You say but the word to that Gingerbread Dog
and he barks with such terrible zest;
that the Chocolate Cat is at once all agog,
as her swelling proportions attest.
And the chocolate cat goes cavorting around
from this leafy limb unto that,
and the Sugar Plums tumble, of course, to the
Hurrah for that Chocolate Cat!

There are Marshmallows, Gumdrops and Peppermint
with stripings of Scarlet or Gold,
And you carry away of the treasure that rains
as much as your apron can hold!
So come little child, cuddle closer to me
in your Bedtime Pajamas or Gown,
and I'll rock you away to that Sugar Plum Tree,
in the Garden of Shut-Eye Town.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Stencils!

Another lip stencil photo.(see post 'Lips and Eyebrows') I would love for anyone to share these "Beauty Guides" type of photos if they happen to have or run into one. Eyebrow stenciling, Hairline shaping, Lip stenciling, eyelash application...of course, they should be vintage photos.

Mad Men Season 3, It's nearly here!!

Season 3 of MAD MEN is coming on Sunday. I can't wait to see where we find the cast this fall. I have been impatiently waiting for this moment. What is going to happen?

What of Don and Betty? What did she tell him at the kitchen table that night? "I'm Pregnant." Too easy. "I had an affair." Unheard of. "I wan't a divorce." I can't imagine that. I'm unsure exactly howthey're going to haul in the strings they left us dangling on at the end of last season.

What of Pete, alone in the office with his rifle? Surely he can't kill himself off! Whom else will I hate then? Wait a minute, I forgot...Duck is the new Ass in my book. If I remember right, I was left feeling a little sorry for Pete.

How is Peggy going to shake off this annoying Preist, Father Gill? It seems he is becoming a real thorn in her side. Her underhanded sister, Anita, seriously bugs me. No beating around the bush about the sibling rivalry here.

I want more of Joan. More, more, more. My absolute favorite scene of hers so far, and there are many, is when she shames and humiliates Paul Kinsey nearly to


Joan: "Mr. Kinsey? Is something wrong?"

Paul: "I'm avoiding you, or haven't you noticed that after three days?"

Joan: "Are you worried about the typewriter? I'm not going to tell anyone, although
you were so brazen you don't deserve clemency."

Paul: "what'd you say to Sheila?"

Joan: "Who?"

Paul: "Sheila. My Girlfriend."

Joan: "Describe her to me."

Paul: "Very Funny."

Joan: "I know what's first on the list."

Paul: "Oh My God, I knew you were a lot of things..."

Joan: "I'm not a phoney."

Paul: "You're so proud."

Joan: "It's so obvious why you're seeing her. A supermarket checkout girl?
conversation must be stimulating. 'Lettuce costs a nickle.'"

Paul: "What a relief. You're just jealous."

Joan: "Because you're the one who got away? You, out there in your poor little
rich boy apartment in Newark or wherever, walkin' around
with your pipe and your beard, fallin' in love with that girl just to show
how interesting you are...Go ahead, what part is wrong?"

That was the BEST BURN of all time. You could actually feel paul seething!

Well, I'm looking forward to Sunday along with a slew of other Mad Men lovers. It's hard to keep something so darn perfect to yourself!