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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Invisible Wall

It had been awhile since I'd read a good book. I mean a reeaally good book; one you can really sink your teeth into. The kind of book that when you get close to the end you tend to turn the pages much more slowly and begin to suffer an uncomfortable feeling of anxiety with each completed paragraph. It's going to end soon...then what am I gonna do? Inevitably, the story ends and you have to lay the book down. Damn. When I found "The Invisible Wall" by Harry Bernstein, I was immidiately taken in by the fact that mr. Bernstein was old. I don't mean just a little old...big time old! Mr. Bernstein published his first book at 96 years of age. I had to buy it. I even put back a couple of items in my grocery cart at Target in order to make the purchase. I know a twelve dollar paper back isn't a whole heck of a lot of money but times are tight dammit.

Anyhow, this is a wonderful book. I immidiately put it in one of my favorites sections, which consists of towering, dusty heaps of books that teeter precariously wherever they stand...the fireplace hearth, my bedside table, great vintage tv trays, etcetera. Then I began to worry...according to the prologue there would be a follow up and even a third book! Could that really happen?! I HAD to have the second book for sure, "The Dream". .
If Mr. Bernstein was 96 when he wrote "The Invisible Wall", he could very likely fall ill or become too weak to complete "The Dream". This couldn't happen. I had to have the second book. I began my search quickly. I wasn't even going to consider the possiblity of a third book right now. I searched Target again. I was sure it would be there. The invisible wall was chosen as a Target Book club pick. Surely they would have the Dream as well, right? NOT RIGHT. No book. I would search out the library next. I found "The Dream" rather quickly. Not surprisingly, it's sister book, the Invisible Wall was checked out. I got lucky though and raced home with my treasure The dream turned out to be as great as I thought it would be and better. You're missing out if you don't read these books. Now I'm waiting for "The Golden Willow", the third and final installment. I'm so pleased that Mr. Bernstein was able to complete these memoirs. Stories like his need to be told, shared, absorbed and thought on. I look forward to sharing these.

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