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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas at Grandmas House

 True Story c0ver January 1954-Cover Girl: Myrna Hansen, Miss True Story of 1954. Miss Hansen is wearing
DuBarry's new Flatter-Glo make-up----the shade; Champagne Beige. Her lipstick is DuBarry's Rose Geranium. Photo by Ozzy Sweet.

Ahhh, beauty. Why have women stopped looking like this? We've exchanged beautiful, smooth stockinged legs for tramp stamps and visible thongs. YUCKY! My grandmother never went anywhere in public without her coral lipstick and matching pantsuit. She had her hair "Set" at the salon at least four times a month. A "Set" consisted of a shampoo, a roller set, a sit under the dryer, a comb out and a style. She had a wonderful

collection of make up and beauty products that went back to the 40's, maybe even further, that I spent hours examining and experimenting with as a girl. She had the greatest collection of shoes that I clicked around the house in (isn't that every little girls dream, big girl shoes that make real, big girl noise?) and that I mixed and matched with her many purses, hats, bead strands, etc. I really wish that I could wiggle my nose and I could go back to my grandmas bathroom beauty cupboard
before she decided to clean it all out...just for a while!

Bermuda for CHRISTMAS! I would love to go to Bermuda for christmas...all expenses paid of course. Especially if I could ride in one of those long-range "Pressurized"planes. Well I sure as heck hope the damned things are "Pressurized" or we'd be in one heck of a Christmas Pickle now, wouldn't we?
BOAC inaugurated the world's first commercial jet service on May 2, 1952 with the "Comet".

I want a shampoo that glorifies my hair too!  Did you know that hair was not regularly washed until
the 1900's. Before that it was oiled and fragranced and talc was applied to absorb all that excess
dirt and oil. Shampooing and conditioning never became a "thing"until the 1950's. Washing and conditioning every day didn't gain popularity until the 1960's When a style was "set" stayed that way until the next "shampoo". I have clear memories of the women in my childhood talking about going to the beauty parlor for a shampoo and a 'creme rinse', not just a hair cut or color. A shampoo and creme rinse was a beauty treatment. The women gathered at the parlor to talk about the events of the day, the town gossip or the newest lipstick color. Now you're lucky if you get a stylist who knows how to cut your hair let alone knows your name!

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