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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

John Garfield...One handome dude!

Wow! John Garfield was one darn good looking actor. I can guarantee that I would have tried really hard to dig up two bits for a Garfield movie back then.  Where have all the good looking men gone? OH, I know, I know, they're still out there but it seems like men these days are missing something. I know that's only an opinion but I've run into a whole heck of a lot of women that feel exactly the same way.

Now, back to Mr. Garfield! This guy struggled.  He fought his way straight up out of the squalor and wrechedness of New York Citys Lower East Side during the great Depression. New York City was one of the hardest hit areas of the country during this time. The grief Mr. Garfield faced in the early part of his life was more than any child should have to bear, but bear it he did. A detailed biography of John Garfields life can be found HERE. A great site for true Garfield lovers.

I must say that John Garfield is one of my very favorite actors. I love his movies and will force my eyes to stay open and watch the entire picture if it happens to be showing at 2 a.m. So what if I look hungover the next day.I quit drinking ten years ago, so it's the good kind of hangover, I deserve it!  Look at those eyes! Look at that brooding face! What woman wouldn't want to fall straight into those manly arms and have him carry her through the crashing waves like he did to Cora (Lana Turner) in "The Postman Always Rings Twice"?

Mr. Garfield gave us 32 movies to choose from today...I think. I'm not absolutely sure of that one so if anyone out there knows differently, please enlighten me. I don't like being wrong, it's a terrible aspect of my personality.

32 movies just isn't enough. It's not fair. There should have been a whole heap-load more but alas, there wasn't. There isn't. There never will be because Mr. Garfield was horribly screwed by our government when the House UnAmerican Activities Committee or HUAC for short, went on their shameful witch hunt and finally, inevitably, zeroed in on him.  John was one of hundreds of people who were ruined by blacklisting. John suffered from a heart condition which he had been stricken with in childhood. The severe strain of the HUAC trials and the ensuing blacklisting is thought to have literally broken John; mentally as well as physically. In the final part of his life he struggled as well. John spent all of his time trying to find proof; proof of his love for America and proof that he had never in any way hurt the country that he truly loved. The devastation that he felt finally killed him. At the very young age of 39 on May 21st 1952, John succumbed to a heartattack.

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